It’s been a while…

Wow! I can’t believe that the last time I have posted on this website was a year ago! To my loyal readers out there (if any still exist) – thank you for the endless support. No, I have not abandon this blog like many others and migrated entirely to social media like Facebook and Twitter. The original intent of this blog was to allow me to voice my opinions and record my life journey along the way. Unfortunately, other important priorities appeared in my life and this resulted in the lack of time and energy to write and maintain the blog.

As I was reading past entries, I was amused by the sentence structure and grammatical errors. I thought of tidying each entry but that would be a daunting task. Perhaps, this would motivate me enough to embrace on a redesign of this site and at the same time, make corrections to the poorly written entries.

For now, I am trying to stay focus and concentrate on clearing my modules in the university for this semester. Hopefully, I will be able to find some extra time and work on this blog during the upcoming school vacation.


Why magazines look so pixelated on the new iPad

Lauren Indvik on why magazines look so pixelated on the new iPad.

Since magazines began publishing on tablets, “virtually all” publishers have chosen to export their digital editions as PNG (.png) files, Koch said. “The primary reason they did that is because the fidelity is perfect. What you see on the desktop when you’re designing is exactly what you see on the iPad when you’re finished. Images are the fastest thing to load, and if you’re trying to create a quick, effortless browsing experience, images are the way to do that,” he explained.

“That was okay when there was only one screen size — when you were just working with the iPad 1 and 2,” he added. “When the iPad 3 came out, you were now dealing with a device with four times as many pixels.” The iPad 3 applies an anti-aliasing filter to all low-resolution content, which blurs images ever so slightly. As a result, photographs still look about the same on the iPad 3, but the text looks a lot worse — i.e., visibly blurry, or pixelated.


Beautiful artwork describing the left – right brain

My year in cities, 2010

I’ve probably travelled more for work and leisure this year than in my entire life. Here is a list of cities I’ve spent one or more nights in 2010.

Fort Polk, LA*
Seattle, WA
DeRidder, LA*
El Paso, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Tucson, AZ
Jonestown, PA
Singapore, Singapore
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Those cities marked with an * were visited multiple times.


The art of throwing water

Who knew that simple actions like throwing water can be an art.

The Morning News has an interview with the author and picture gallery featuring other water throwing art. (via


Google autocomplete map of United States

Google autocomplete map of United StatesClick to view larger image

A Google autocomplete map of the United States. (via very small array).


JetBlue Flight Attendant Pops Emergency Chute, Escapes Plane at JFK

In additional to the daily airport madness:

Slater was struck in the head with luggage that a passenger was trying to unload from an overhead compartment, according to an airport official with knowledge of the incident.

Slater demanded an apology from the passenger but the passenger refused. The two argued before the passenger told Slater to “f— off”. Slater then got on the plane’s PA system and directed that same obscenity at all the passengers and added that he especially meant it for the man who refused to apologize.

Slater is alleged to have then activated the plane’s inflatable emergency slide, grabbed two beers from the galley, then slid down the chute.

(via WSJ)


The General

The military culture is all about saying yes and executing whatever request that was issued from superiors, even if it seem impossible to fulfill. Most do not accept “no” for an answer and are never bothered at the process so long things gets done. There have been numerous occasion where I’ve witnessed the behavior and how uptight people gets, be it good or bad news.

I have absolutely no grudges against the high flyers in the organisation but what I find it disturbing is the lack of human touch towards the people, not to mention how the commoners tries very hard to leave a good impression for fear of repercussion. I’m sure there are guidelines as to how one should behave and the do’s and don’ts in order to maintain a certain status but this should not hinder the trust one should establish with the commoners.

Let me share an account from a colleague of mine whom had to deal with an unbelievable behavior of a senior commander while performing duties during one of the flight.

I was giving a safety brief to the passengers as part of the pre-boarding procedure, of which, there were two senior commanders. Throughout the brief, one of the colonel kept interrupting and attempted to challenge my professionalism and ability to control the passengers in the event of an emergency. The flight was carried out and during de-planning, the colonel tried to walk out of the aircraft when he was not suppose to. I grabbed his arms and he was startled at my determination before grinning.

On the contrary, here was what I recently witnessed while supporting a foreign unit operation:

A one-star general decided to board the aircraft with troops that were preparing to be deployed. He wanted to show his support and appreciation by observing their training. Throughout the flight, he refused to wear a headset connected to the aircraft communication system and sat near the rear of the aircraft where water was leaking onto him from a heavy downpour earlier, observing the troops parachuting out of the aircraft.

When the aircraft eventually landed, the general walked over and grabbed 3 bags of harnesses before walking out of the aircraft, leaving the jump-master chasing behind him.

Granted that the sight of this could be random, but such a small gesture from a one-star general would have easily gained the trust and respect of his men, as opposed to one whom is expected to be treated like a king.


Underwater free fall

Guillaume Nery, a french free diver performed an amazing base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole without any tank while being filmed by another free diver Julie Gautier, who was also without tanks!


Classics of famous photos in Lego

Neat collection of classic moments recreated in lego. (via


The customer service nightmare

Fresh from the oatmeal – Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service.

Sometimes they’ll bury the phone number deep within the website to discourage you from calling.


Wake up music in space

From NASA’s history office, here’s a list of wake-up music for astronauts on their mission in space. (via


Maintenance engineer who flew 13 years as a fake pilot

Just like Leonardo diCaprio who starred in Catch Me If You Can, a maintenance engineer turned fake 737 pilot flew more than 13 years before being caught.

I got the crackpot idea to apply as a co-pilot at a real airline so I made myself a Swedish flying permit with a logo out of regular white paper. It wasn’t laminated, and looked like something I’d made at home. It was surprisingly easy. The documents look different everywhere in Europe. An Italian airline doesn’t know what a Swedish licence looks like. And you can forge all the IDs you need. I’d train there for two or three hours at a time—at least 15 to 20 times over one and a half years.

via (


The 8 phases of dating

Review of Sex and the City 2 by someone who doesn’t know anything about it

First off, ladies, I get it. It’s your Star Wars. The opening credits make your tummy tickle the same way the Star Wars theme, to this day, gives me a boner. I understand. A pair of expensive shoes worn by Carrie is just like a metallic bikini worn by Princess Leia.

Tim SiedellWriter certainly said it well.