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Beautiful horizon

Sunset captured at 30,000ft, enroute from Hong Kong to Chicago

Evening sunset with a beautiful horizon as the backdrop — taken above 30,000 ft, cruising towards Illinois, Chicago.

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Off to North Carolina

After a month of VISA application & processing as well as preparation, I will be leaving to the United States for my internship at Cisco Systems, Inc tomorrow.

This is my first overseas trip traveling alone out of the country to such a far and foreign land — all without my family members by my side. To think of, this trip seems to be not too short or long. It simply can’t be described using words. I used to dislike the idea of having to travel alone without my family since I am quite reliant of them. This time round, it seems that I have set out to be independent and this will be both an endurance and independence test which is all part and parcel of growing up. I remembered that the last time I traveled to Thailand in 1996 with my third uncle and his family. I missed home so much although it was only a 1 week trip.

I won’t be updating so often till I get my laptop, an internet connection and settled down. But I’ll keep track of all the discoveries and post them when I have the time. I shall return on May 01, 2005


Extinguish the heat

You woke up one fine morning and find that your throat has a burning sensation. Your lips starts to turn dry shortly and the skins are starting to peel off. You are in immediate need for a lip balm to help prevent the lips from peeling. Ever had this kind of feeling? This was what happened to me yesterday when I woke up and found that my day will not be fine.

I am very prone to heatiness ever since I left secondary school (I have no idea why but it seems that my immune system is getting weaker). That’s why I always try to avoid fried and oily food at all times and I certainly have no carvings for it as the consequence of eating these food will be too much a price to pay for. It used to be fine as long as I watch my intake but nowadays, just eating a little will cause my body to develop heatiness.

There might be several reasons why our body is prone to heatiness and here are a few I happened to come across while reading an article recently:

  • Spending too much time in an air-conditioned environment, thus leaving our body and skin exposed to the dry air and lost of body fluid
  • Lack of intake of water — Our body needs at least 2 to 3 litres of water daily, preferably plain water
  • Dehydration

The remedy
To help prevent from falling sick because of heatiness, I have some *secret recipe* that may help to greatly reduce the body heatiness:

  1. Eat lots of star fruits or water chestnut
  2. Buy & drink Eno — helps to relieves indigestion and heatiness
  3. Boil and drink barley seeds with green bean seeds — the most effective method
  4. Use lip balm (oil based) every now and then to keep your lips moisturize

The above will definitely help to reduce our body heat but in all cases, please don’t over consume any of the suggested remedy.


Machine for the museum

This morning, I received one of the most valuable and priceless asset from my polytechnic — an old Hewlett-Packard Pentium 2 notebook packed with 32MB of RAM, running on Windows 98 and the LCD display covered with a thick layer dust, enough for me to sketch an illustration on it. It weighs about 5 KG and I wonder should I bring along this machine with me while travelling.

Initially, I thought of bringing along a laptop while travelling to the United States for my Industrial Attachment Programme (IAP). As I am not sure if my host company would provide me with one, I went to loan one from my school. What it turned out to be was totally unexpected. Although the machine can run normal word processing programs, the speed is definetly slow and unbearable to use. What’s more — I have to go through the hassle of finding the right power adapter before I can use it while in the states.

Now, I am seriously considering if I should bring along this machine or do away with it. Perhaps, I can loan it to the museum for their historical display while indirectly helping me to safe-keep it!


An Introduction

It started when I got sick and tired of the design limitations I was experiencing while hosting my weblog with blogger (the free blogging tool). Being unable to do much customization, especially the lack of a good commenting system led to the search for a free web hosting service that enables me to install a more powerful blogging tool and customise my own layout without restrictions.

After 2 weeks of intensive template and style editing, I am proud to announce the launch of my new weblog — The revolution of A Bright Spark. This, as compared to my previous weblog has revolve from a simple and dull color website into a more eye-catching design. The layout has changed and this site is now feature the use of CSS. I have tried to ensure that the design caters for most of the common browsers that is on the market now. At this moment, this site seems to display properly on IE6, FireFox 1.0 & Opera 7. Should this site not display properly on your screen, do drop me a note.

I have wild ideas of further developing this site by completing certain links, tidying my design files and adding more content. However, due to time constraint, I may not be able to finish them anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s time for me to stop tweaking and get back to more important issues in life.