Machine for the museum

This morning, I received one of the most valuable and priceless asset from my polytechnic — an old Hewlett-Packard Pentium 2 notebook packed with 32MB of RAM, running on Windows 98 and the LCD display covered with a thick layer dust, enough for me to sketch an illustration on it. It weighs about 5 KG and I wonder should I bring along this machine with me while travelling.

Initially, I thought of bringing along a laptop while travelling to the United States for my Industrial Attachment Programme (IAP). As I am not sure if my host company would provide me with one, I went to loan one from my school. What it turned out to be was totally unexpected. Although the machine can run normal word processing programs, the speed is definetly slow and unbearable to use. What’s more — I have to go through the hassle of finding the right power adapter before I can use it while in the states.

Now, I am seriously considering if I should bring along this machine or do away with it. Perhaps, I can loan it to the museum for their historical display while indirectly helping me to safe-keep it!