Off to North Carolina

After a month of VISA application & processing as well as preparation, I will be leaving to the United States for my internship at Cisco Systems, Inc tomorrow.

This is my first overseas trip traveling alone out of the country to such a far and foreign land — all without my family members by my side. To think of, this trip seems to be not too short or long. It simply can’t be described using words. I used to dislike the idea of having to travel alone without my family since I am quite reliant of them. This time round, it seems that I have set out to be independent and this will be both an endurance and independence test which is all part and parcel of growing up. I remembered that the last time I traveled to Thailand in 1996 with my third uncle and his family. I missed home so much although it was only a 1 week trip.

I won’t be updating so often till I get my laptop, an internet connection and settled down. But I’ll keep track of all the discoveries and post them when I have the time. I shall return on May 01, 2005