Entries for March 2005

A pleasant surprise

I remembered celebrating my birthday with my family during kinder garden days and in primary one. At that time, birthday celebration was always a big event and there’s always plenty of food to eat. To think of, it has been 12 years since I last blew birthday cake candles. Over these years, my grandma would always prepare the traditional vermicelli soup with a hard-boiled egg.

Today, I was taken by surprise when my friends secretly organized a birthday bash for me. I returned to the apartment after working out at the clubhouse gym only to find a lighted birthday cake on the dining table.

21st birthday

Though I’m far away from home, I’m really touched by the sincerity of my internship friends (Alvin, Zihao, Jonathan, Erwin, Hean Hong, Sieh Yuan, Weeliat) for this memorable and pleasant moment. Thanks guys :)