Entries for June 2005

Welcome back

I’m finally back from 2 weeks of military training in Pulau Tekong. These two weeks may seem to pass quickly to some of you but for me, it was a real drag! The first two weeks of training was not that tough and the commanders could not carry out any form of punishment to us as it was the so called “adjustment period”.

Typically, we would wake up at 0530 hours and sleep only at 2230 hours. That’s about 17 hours of “uptime” which is why I say it is a real drag because most of the time, you would find that you have done so many things and it’s only about 0900 hours. Fortunately, I had lots of admin time* during my first two weeks in the military. For the whole of this month (from 6/10 until 7/10), we will be doing nothing except physical training. This is done to shape up our body and muscles and to prepare us for the basic military training, which will begin after 7/10.

Apart from getting lesser sleep and suffering from muscle sores, everything is going along well so far. The food is good and there is at least some welfare for the trainees. However, I noticed that military personnel like to use vulgarities and there is a lot of regimentation. I hope to quickly finish my duty as a soldier and return to civilian life!

As for now, I’ll be updating this weblog once a week or whenever possible since I will be staying in camp and will return only during weekends.

*Admin time refers to an allocated time set aside for personal administrative matters such as washing of laundry or taking short naps.


Gone training

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be officially enlisted as a full time National Servicemen. It has been slight more than a month since I’ve returned from my internship program in the United States and I definitely miss life there! I’ll be away for Physical Training in Pulau Tekong* for 3 weeks since I did not take my Physical Test as I was in the states. Then after, it’ll be 9 weeks of Basic Military Training.

During this period, I’ll have no internet access! This means I will not be able to check my emails, launch my favorite newsreader to catch up with the latest news from the IT scene or even post an entry here (actually, I have not been posting much). I wonder what life is going to be like without computers for two weeks. I suppose I’ll be terribly lagged behind the technology scene when I return after 2 weeks of confinement.

On the brighter side, I guess this will be a good experience to learn about military life and to motivate me to exercise! After all, god knows how many times I have actually put on my track shoes and go jogging since I returned from America.

Till then, cya’ and check back in 2 weeks time.

*Pulau Tekong is an island outside mainland Singapore. The island is used mainly for military training.


New site design

I’ve been working on a new design for this site and I’m proud to say that it is 90% completed. Initially, my intentions was to launch the new design before my enlistment for military service but it seems that I will only be able to launch it when I return home after the first two weeks of my physical training in the military.

Nonetheless, for those who are eager (I wonder if anyone actually reads what I wrote or even know this web log exist) here is a preview of the features that’ll be available:

  • Dynamic search engine
  • Revamp of the archives section
  • Contact form
  • More content besides web log entries

And much more…

I am still working on the contact form and other content sections but since I will only be able to continue working on the site after I have return from training, I may go ahead and launch the new design without completing certain sections.