Entries for September 2005

Won't be back till…

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be confined for about 2 to 3 weeks (not exactly sure of the date at this moment). Hence, I won’t be able to update this weblog although I will have access to computers but with no internet connection (that’s pathetic).

I should be back somewhere near early October.


New military vocation

I’ve been waiting in apprehension for my military posting for the last few days. Initially, the instructors told us that we could send them a text message and ask for our new vocation few days before the official posting results will be released to us. Unfortunately, most of the instructors were either not in camp or unsure of the posting details. Hence, I had to patiently wait until 1000 hours this morning for the official results.

Last night, I turned and flipped while trying to sleep. I was excited to know where I will be posted. When I logon to MSN Messenger this morning, I was taken by surprise as many of my platoon mates had already logged on to the internet, anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 1000 hours. Soon enough, I entered my credential and waited for the webpage to load. In just a split second, out came the results:


Comd SAF BMTC congratulates you for your successful completion of the BMT.

Your Posting Order is listed below:

  1. You are posted to: OCS (ARMY WING).
  2. Your vocation is : OFFICER CADET(CBT).

I was happy for the next few seconds. Messages started to popup all over my desktop as many of us started to ask one another what was their new vocation. It seems like many are quite pleased with their new vocation and most of those I have asked have also gained a place in the Officer Cadet School (OCS). As for me, I shall reserve my opinion until I’ve reported to the new unit.

Update: Oh no, just chatted with my Platoon Commander and looks like OCS isn’t going to be that easy after all! I just realized that we would be confined between 2 to 3 weeks! Although the bunks that we stay in is going to be more luxury, I certainly do not look forward for that few weeks of confinement as well as 9 months of *very* tough training that’s lining up ahead!