Field training aftermath

I’m back from 8 days 7 nights of outfield training! This is one of the longest outfield training I have participated since my last outfield during Basic Military Training (BMT) days. To sum it up, here’s a chronological sequence of events:

Day 1: We set of from camp at about 0900 hours. It was drizzling and perhaps this was the reason why the instructors did not conduct a field pack inspection. Initially, we had expected a turnout at the wee hours but everything was rather peaceful. We arrived at the training ground and spent the whole day on navigation exercises, which tests our map reading skills etc.

Day 2 & 3: The weather was/wasn’t on our side. It started to rain in the morning and luckily, we were allowed to stay in the training shed to take shelter while the instructors gave lecture. It was the start of the many days of sleep deprivation we will be experiencing and we were struggling to stay awake. After lunch, we proceeded to apply what we have just learnt on the ground regardless of rain or shine. This didn’t end till the wee hours of day 3 where we finally managed to catch some sleep. Unfortunately, a heavy downpour started just after 4am and we were left shivering under our raincoats in the vegetation as we did not build a shelter.

Day 4: We embarked on a mission led by the instructors. The main purpose of this exercise was to show us how a mission should be conducted and I’m sure we have learnt and gained many pointers from it. It also marks the end of our 4 days of outfield training and we were given a “technical break” where we were given sufficient sleep without interruption.

Day 5 – 7: Headed back to campsite area where we embark on another exercise. It was one of the toughest I have experienced because there’s practically no sleep at all and most of us looked like zombies at the end of the exercise. We were extremely dirty and our feet were starting to sore.

Day 8: We were turnout at 0400 hours and off we went ahead with a 16 km road march, which marks the end of the entire outfield exercise. By the end of the road march, my foot was very numb with blisters and I had to limp around.

I’m glad that all is over and I certainly do not expect any outfield training anytime soon!