Completed service term

When I first enlisted into OCS Alpha wing, I was apprehensive, anxious and feeling very pressurized and worried. This was because I’ve been told that Alpha is a very “siong” (hokkien for tough) wing as compared to the other Army wings in OCS. I thought that would be a very bad start as I’m not physically nor mentally strong and I’m afraid I might not be able to take the training. I remembered the very first dialog with the Wing Commander in the company auditorium where he presented the wing’s vision, mission and achievements for the last cohort. He mentioned that 14 weeks of Service Term training is going to pass very fast but yet memorable. Back then, I was pretty negative and thought that he must have been joking.

Reflecting upon my thoughts now, what he have said was indeed true! I might have very tough times for the past 14 weeks which I’ve spent in OCS Alpha wing but those were wonderful memories. Be it tough training, confinement, extra duties or even achievements, I’ve developed to be a better person with stronger mentality and attitude.

Here are some of the achievements which I’ve gained throughout these 14 weeks of training, though I did not set out to do in the first place:

  1. Standard Obstacle Course (SOC): 9 mins 10 secs
  2. IPPT 2.4km: 9 mins 59 secs
  3. IPPT: Passed (no difference from BMT due to Standing Board Jump, which affects my overall performance)

Now that I’ve cleared the veto factors for Service Term, which is SOC & IPPT, this few weeks is going to be slower pace of training in camp. Next week would be the wing’s cohesion night as well as the release of our postings to various support arms. I certainly hope Air Force would get me out of infantry, now that I’ve suffered for 14 weeks!