Farewell march

As a farewell march for Service Term and for those posting out to support arms, we marched 23km last night. This was part of our senior bar presentation ceremony, which was suppose to be held before sunrise and on top of a knoll in the SAFTI live firing area. It was a good march with excellent scenery, less the humidity and the occasional drizzle. By the end of the march, my foot was sore but it wasn’t as bad as the 16km road march, which I participated few weeks ago.

Today, I’m no longer a junior cadet. There will be more tough training ahead in the professional term as I’ve been posted to the Combat Engineers (CE) vocation. When I tell people that I’ve been posted to CE, their first reaction is “siong”. Let’s see what’s lining up for me when I report to my new unit in Nee Soon camp on Dec 27.