During my first year in the polytechnic, my course manager used to say

The amount of knowledge and projects you are going to do during this three years will be challenging and intensive. If you do not put in enough effort to clear every assignment given to you on time, there is going to be a snowball [1] effect and eventually, you will find yourself doing three-and-half years of diploma while most of your fellow peers here will graduate within three years.

These words stayed in my heart throughout my three years in the polytechnic. Whenever I find myself lack of motivation to work on or complete my assignment and projects, I would just think of what he had said and things will get back right on track.

Speaking of which, it seems that I’ve gotten myself a huge snowball to clear – in terms of the outstanding number of weblog entries yet to be drafted/published and some features that was suppose to have been in placed since the relaunch of this site. I used to put the blame on time constraints due to military training and some other factors but during this few days, I’ve realized that the problem lies with distractions. I’m not one of those who gets easily distracted but sometimes, my mind just wonder off and I thought I’ve not put in enough effort to work on a task I’ve set out to do. Nevertheless, I’ve straightened things out and have gotten my thoughts organized once again.

Stay tuned for more updates with respect to both entries and features in the works.

[1] To cause to grow or increase rapidly.