Survivor Brunei

I’ll be going to Brunei on Jan 3, 2006 for a ten days jungle orientation course. This would be my first time embarking on an overseas outfield exercise and I believe many of us are certainly not looking forward for this trip. When we were first told of this trip, many were shocked as we were told in such a short span of time. Eventually, I decided to take things easily and have a more positive outlook.

I headed down to beech road early in the morning and spend quite a little to get many outfield gears such as hammock and bungee cords as we were told that it is not advisable to sleep on the ground there. We have also been told that the living conditions there would not be as luxury as compared back in here and I’ve already mentally prepared myself for that.

Hope that things will go well and I look forward to complete the exercise and return to Singapore on Jan 12, 2006.