Training this week

Since the end of the last outfield exercise, we were given more recovery time as well as time to clean our muddy personal stores. This week also marks the start of a sequence of Individual Proficiency Physical Fitness Test (IPPT) as well as Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) for people like me who have yet to clear it.

To think of, I’d actually clocked 9m30s previously and I was just short of that 1 second to clear the mark. Because of this, I have to retake the SOC test till I pass and things aren’t looking good because my body fatigue level is very high. My last attempt was on Thursday and I actually clocked 9m54s. Apart from SOC, I’m expected to clear IPPT at the same time and we will not stop doing till we achieve a gold standard, which is being measured in the following manner:

  1. Standing board jump: 216cm to pass, 234cm for gold
  2. Shuttle run: < 10.7sec to pass, < 10.2sec for gold
  3. Sit up: 33 to pass, 40 and above for gold
  4. Chin up: 6 to pass, 10 and above for gold
  5. 2.4km run: < 9.44sec for gold

It’s definitely going to be a tough journey ahead and all these needs to be cleared in less than 2 weeks time before my Service Term in OCS ends. Otherwise, I might be stucked in infantry during my Professional term or even get out of course!