Entries for January 2006

Year of Dog

We’ve just sent of the year of chicken and welcomed the year of dog! I barely remembered the last lunar New Year and here it came, once again! Last year, I was in the states and things were a little quiet. For this year, most of us (especially the National Servicemen) looked forward for this occasion, as it is moments to catch up with love ones and most importantly, the long weekend!

This New Year seems like any other day in the year. I remembered when we were young, my cousins and I looked forward for every lunar year as this is the time we have fun with all the goodies as well as playing with “pops pops” and fire crackers in the common corridor. As we grow, all these have became a favorite past time and memories.

There is a lot to catch up to do, especially the lack of updates on this web log. Soon, I’ll be able to dedicate more of my time updating and working on new features I’ve always wanted to on this website!

Last but not the least; let me wish everyone a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. May the year of dog bring you happiness, good luck and wealth!


Reporting to Air Force School

Today’s Routine Order (RO) was like another any other day’s except for the following:

The under above-mentioned cadet is to report to the Air Force School on February 06, 2006 at 0800 hours:

Officer Cadet (OCT) Alvin Tan, Pilot Trainee

He is to report to Master Sergeant (MSG) Karen and bring along his 11B (military identity card), photos, writing materials etc.

Finally, I’m going to Air Force to pursue my dream career!


Memories from my internship

Last year this time, I was on a jet en route to Chicago O’Hare International and I was feeling apprehensive but yet excited about this trip. It was after all my first time traveling to such a faraway place and I’ll stay for good for at least a few months. The time has come and past and looking back, I’m glad I had such a great opportunity and valuable life experience.

I wished I could turn back time and go through the internship all over again but as a fact of life, it will remain as precious memories in my heart. Right now, I’ve entered another phase of my life and I shall be thankful and look forward for more exciting and challenging adventure lining up!


Leaving on a jet plane

I’ll be leaving for Brunei in a few hours time and will not return till Jan 12, 2006. The idea of doing some “homework” before my journey to Brunei struck my mind and thus, I searched Google for some general information and pictures. Turned out that the living conditions is not going to be pleasant but this have gave me some mental preparation of what to expect when I arrive in there!

Things will be quiet here for the next 10 days or so until I return from my trip. Advance wishes goes out to my Muslim friends who will be celebrating Hari Raya Haji (Jan 10) and for the rest, happy holidays!


Hello 2006

2005 have been an extremely fruitful year for me. Not only did I get the opportunity to travel and have a taste of what life is like working out there, it also marks a new chapter in my life as I’ve completed “transforming” into adult life and even enlisted for national service.

Here’s a list of my 2006 new year’s resolution so far:

Military Related:

  • To complete my OCS course and be comissioned as an officer
  • To be accepted by the Air Force and successfully complete my course as a Pilot trainee
  • Obtain IPPT silver and maintain the standard


  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Study for CCNP certification and get certified

Happy Holidays!

Update (06/02/2006): Now that I have joined the Air Force as a pilot trainee, I will not be able to commission as an officer in June (the day I was suppose to commission). Thus, point 1 has been removed.