Hello 2006

2005 have been an extremely fruitful year for me. Not only did I get the opportunity to travel and have a taste of what life is like working out there, it also marks a new chapter in my life as I’ve completed “transforming” into adult life and even enlisted for national service.

Here’s a list of my 2006 new year’s resolution so far:

Military Related:

  • To complete my OCS course and be comissioned as an officer
  • To be accepted by the Air Force and successfully complete my course as a Pilot trainee
  • Obtain IPPT silver and maintain the standard


  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Study for CCNP certification and get certified

Happy Holidays!

Update (06/02/2006): Now that I have joined the Air Force as a pilot trainee, I will not be able to commission as an officer in June (the day I was suppose to commission). Thus, point 1 has been removed.