Entries for February 2006


Despite the forty minutes departure delay back in Singapore, our plane still managed to arrive at Sydney International Airport on time. After immigration and customs clearance (which I had to go through all because of a banana cake I’ve brought along), we had to carry along our luggage from the international to the domestic terminal to recheck-in before we are free to roam around the airport.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to step out of the airport while waiting for the transit to Tamworth. This left us with little choice but to kill time by doing some window shopping within the terminal. After nearly an hour of endless walking around the terminal like a lost child, we decided to grab something to eat since we had not had breakfast. Thereafter, the rest of the time was spent waiting at the domestic terminal watching airplane landing and taking off.

The wind were strong outside the terminal when we walked out of the terminal to the twin propeller aircraft parked on the tarmac. It will be another hour of journey before we arrive at our final destination.


Leaving for Australia, Tamworth

This will be my second trip in less than 1.5 months out of Singapore once again. This time round, I’ll be heading to a little town called Tamworth in the western part of Australia for about 5 weeks. As many have already known, I’m going for my Air Grading Course (AGC) as part of being a Pilot trainee with the air force.

I’ve been waiting for this day – that is to join the air force as a pilot for sometime now and my dream has finally come through. Though this is only the initial step towards my wings, I hope I can take the mental tuning as well as give my best in everything I do. I guess this course would be something similar to that of what I’ve gone through in the Singapore Youth Flying Club 4 years ago.

Unlike when I was in America where I’ve got virtually 24/7 connection to the internet and physical access to a laptop, this time round, I doubt I’ll have such luxury. Thus, I’ll try to keep this weblog updated whenever possible. Until then, do visit this site frequently!


But you're wearing spectacles

This is the common perception of the majority when they got to know that I’m a pilot trainee. I guess the impression of a pilot to many is one that looks cool with his sunglasses as well as having perfect eyesight. Yes, I agree that it is important for pilots to have perfect eyesight because it is such a pain to wear spectacles, especially for physical training and when you are those who perspire a lot.

But in this modern society with superiority in technology and the use of computers, it is near impossible to maintain perfect eyesight. Even if it is possible, I believe that genetics will result you in having to wear spectacles if your family have a history of bad eyesight. Thus, the requirements for pilot application, especially the eyesight requirement have been revised to be more realistic.

To qualify as a pilot trainee, your eyesight (per eye) must be less than 500 degrees and do not have an astigmatism of more than 75 degrees. However, for those whose eyesight is between 200 to 500 degrees, you will be required to go for surgical treatment to correct your vision to 6/6 or better.

Hope this will give a better insight to those who still assume that pilots must have perfect eyesight.


A game of tennis

I’ve always wanted to attempt a game of tennis but just couldn’t find the equipment, venue and people to do so. Finally, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and attempt a game of tennis today with the air grading folks at the air force school. Frankly speaking, it isn’t really that difficult to play this sports but it can be real tiring especially when your opponent makes you chase around the ball in the court.

Though I can feel my forearm muscles aching after today’s game, tennis can be more than a game of chasing and hitting the ball after all!


Happy Valentine's

It is the time of the year once again where you’ll see many trying to sell chocolates, sweets and roses on the streets to celebrate this day. As usual, I will not be celebrating this event simply because my heart has not told me that I’m ready to commit into a relationship with someone special. Perhaps, it could be that I’ve not found the right one or otherwise.

Whatever it is, Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate!



I’m not those who usually get irritated easily but recently, this is getting on my nerves. Now that I’ve been posted to Air Force School, I get to travel daily from home to the school and vice-versa. It’s great to have this kind of feeling of getting to travel around in public buses but it can be real annoying now that technology have advanced.

Years ago, it was the TV mobile squeaking sound that irritates everyone on the bus. Now that the issue has been resolved, I still find that the volume can get a little loud at times, especially when the bus is empty. Next, here comes the issue of personal digital device such as MP3 players, cell phone. There is bound to be some inconsiderate who would blast music from their digital device and broadcast to everyone on the bus. I’m sure many other passengers sitting around are irritated as well but no one dares to approach the culprit.

Perhaps one day, someone can come up with an intelligent device where we can jam or filter out these irritants so that we can embark on a peaceful journey.


If only I could ride on this

I would certainly want to be one of those who pilot this kind of jet one day.

For now, enjoy this creative creation and amazing video clip: