But you're wearing spectacles

This is the common perception of the majority when they got to know that I’m a pilot trainee. I guess the impression of a pilot to many is one that looks cool with his sunglasses as well as having perfect eyesight. Yes, I agree that it is important for pilots to have perfect eyesight because it is such a pain to wear spectacles, especially for physical training and when you are those who perspire a lot.

But in this modern society with superiority in technology and the use of computers, it is near impossible to maintain perfect eyesight. Even if it is possible, I believe that genetics will result you in having to wear spectacles if your family have a history of bad eyesight. Thus, the requirements for pilot application, especially the eyesight requirement have been revised to be more realistic.

To qualify as a pilot trainee, your eyesight (per eye) must be less than 500 degrees and do not have an astigmatism of more than 75 degrees. However, for those whose eyesight is between 200 to 500 degrees, you will be required to go for surgical treatment to correct your vision to 6/6 or better.

Hope this will give a better insight to those who still assume that pilots must have perfect eyesight.