Leaving for Australia, Tamworth

This will be my second trip in less than 1.5 months out of Singapore once again. This time round, I’ll be heading to a little town called Tamworth in the western part of Australia for about 5 weeks. As many have already known, I’m going for my Air Grading Course (AGC) as part of being a Pilot trainee with the air force.

I’ve been waiting for this day – that is to join the air force as a pilot for sometime now and my dream has finally come through. Though this is only the initial step towards my wings, I hope I can take the mental tuning as well as give my best in everything I do. I guess this course would be something similar to that of what I’ve gone through in the Singapore Youth Flying Club 4 years ago.

Unlike when I was in America where I’ve got virtually 24/7 connection to the internet and physical access to a laptop, this time round, I doubt I’ll have such luxury. Thus, I’ll try to keep this weblog updated whenever possible. Until then, do visit this site frequently!