Despite the forty minutes departure delay back in Singapore, our plane still managed to arrive at Sydney International Airport on time. After immigration and customs clearance (which I had to go through all because of a banana cake I’ve brought along), we had to carry along our luggage from the international to the domestic terminal to recheck-in before we are free to roam around the airport.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to step out of the airport while waiting for the transit to Tamworth. This left us with little choice but to kill time by doing some window shopping within the terminal. After nearly an hour of endless walking around the terminal like a lost child, we decided to grab something to eat since we had not had breakfast. Thereafter, the rest of the time was spent waiting at the domestic terminal watching airplane landing and taking off.

The wind were strong outside the terminal when we walked out of the terminal to the twin propeller aircraft parked on the tarmac. It will be another hour of journey before we arrive at our final destination.