Air grading final test updates

After committing a critical mistake during yesterday’s sortie, I was determined not to do so during sortie 14 as well as during the actual test. This means that I have sortie 14 to iron out any other outstanding issues I’m facing before my test, which so happen to be on the same day (just 30 minutes apart). Luckily, sortie 14 proved to be a rewarding sortie as I performed up to standard.

Unfortunately, I felt that I did not perform as well during the actual test sortie. It could be due to mental fatigue or even over-confidence and this led to a poor sortie. I missed out a few procedures but the test instructor was kind enough to point it out and get over with. My flying skills were generally alright except that I was constantly reminded to trim the aircraft so that it does not yaw as much due to strong winds and occasional turbulence. Overall, I was graded a low average but he commented that I need to know how to appreciate the situation and this will help to make me a better pilot (thinking pilot)!