Settling in

I’m trying to settle into the different environment and overcoming jet-lag. Tamworth is three hours earlier than Singapore which means I’ve to wake up at 0530 hours (0230 hours Singapore time) and sleep earlier than usual (typically, 0930 hours local time).

The accommodation arrangement was excellent. Each of us gets a room (equivalent to three-star hotel rooms) to ourselves and it comes with a toilet with bathtub. I doubt I’ll be soaking myself in the bathtub for god knows the amount of bacteria in it? There is also a common room on level 2 where we can help ourselves to milk or juice, watch DVDs if we are bored or even read up the mass brief slides on the two computers sitting at a corner if you are really hardworking.

As for meals, there’s a wide variety of selection — just like buffet style but there’s a limited selection for myself as I’m a vegetarian. Luckily, the chef was kind enough to cater specially for me. As for lunch, we would have to resort to eating cup noodles and sandwiches as it is not advisable to take heavy meal before a sortie [1].

Guess life would be normal by this weekend once I’ve settled down and get into business proper, which is to learn how to handle an aircraft and pass the flight screening program!

[1] Sortie – A flight of a combat aircraft on a mission.