Tamworth tourist attractions

We decided to head out to sight see some of Tamworth’s most famous tourist attractions. Our journey started with the visit to Tamworth’s Sunday market in Peel Street, which occurs only on every third weekend of the month. Over there, you get to see folks selling all sorts of things such as home-made honey to furniture and knitted clothing.

The main attraction was this place called the Big Golden Guitar. Here, they sell all sorts of country music as well as unique gifts and souvenirs. We spent quite a while at the tourist center as my colleagues seem to have lots to buy. By early afternoon, we were at the lookout point overlooking the whole of Tamworth! You’ll be surprised to find that Tamworth though small in population as compared to Singapore, the size of the town isn’t that small after all!

Big Golden GuitarHosted on Zooomr

Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant called The Dragon Palace. It was definitely welcoming sight for us as we had not taste any Chinese food since arriving in Tamworth. Though it was a half day trip, it was indeed the most memorable and fruitful trip throughout our stay thus far.