Visit to Aeroclub

After a week of hard work and serious business, pilots will usually hang out at the bar to drink and brat about their amazing flying experiences and dog fighting skills etc. It seems that it has become more of a culture and even the pilot trainees here does that! Last week was the first visit to the aero club at Tamworth airport but not the whole course went. Today, I decided to check it out after being persuaded to join in the fun by my course mates.

Instead of beer, I ordered lemonade. We spent most of the time chatting about this week’s sorties, sharing of one another’s experience as well as cracking jokes. Surprisingly, one can go on and on without realizing how fast time pass. Since it was the start of weekend, some of us would usually start the nonstop DVD marathon after coming back from the club while the others will start continue with their game of mahjong till the wee hours.