Visit to town

As compared to previous courses, we were lucky as the instructors allowed us to book out and travel to town on our first weekend. However, two students are required to stay in to carry out duties. Since it was the first outing, the course IC and another officer decided to sacrifice and let the rest enjoy the outing. We had to call for two maxi cabs to drive 16 of us downtown and the cab fare weren’t cheap. It cost about AUS $20 for the journey and we were amazed by the taxi meter as it was incrementing 10 cents every two seconds or so.

Sad to say, the town wasn’t as big as we had expected. The shops open for only half a day and the streets will be empty there after. After roaming around the streets looking for a suitable place for lunch, we decided to eat pizza! We then took a short walk from the main streets to Tamworth shopping world which is something similar to Tampines mall. Over there, we met a few instructors as promised because it’s a really small town! Soon after, we decided to head back to base and I thought to myself that I won’t be bothered to book out next weekend.