Importance of data backup

While reading an article on the importance of data and weblogs backup in today’s Straits Times, I suddenly remembered that it has been a while since I last bothered to perform a full system backup as well as export my weblog settings and entries. You see, during the dial-up era, I have set up an exact configuration of my website on my machine for testing out as well as acting as a backup. Thus, all site entries and development templates would be posted there (this is so as to save on my dialup charges) before duplicating a copy online.

Now that I’m on broadband, it is as simple as logging on to my website and posting directly off here. As such, the offline entries on my computer are outdated and I would’ve been in a loss should the server’s hard disk crash and could not be recovered. I think the issue many computer users face today is the hassle of having to go through tons of unwanted files and purging it and to configure the system for data backup.

Fortunately, I managed to figure out a solution to solve my woes (not exactly but it’s better than nothing) — that is to use the in built Microsoft Backup program (not one of the best backup program) and task scheduler and to configure it such that it’ll automatically perform backup on selected folders and files. I’ve also yet to find a reasonable method to manage my backups, which can significantly amount to a few gigabytes of disk space.