Entries for May 2006

Site reloaded

Welcome back to the newly re-designed homepage. If you are using a newsreader, you wouldn’t have noticed any difference as I’ve redirected the old feed address to the new one. However, do check out the new site and what it has to offer. In short, here’s a list of what has changed since the last redesign.

What’s new

  • The web log has been renamed from “A Bright Spark” back to its original name, “PureHype”. This was done as I wanted a consistency between the domain name registered and the site name.
  • A new web host! The existing provider still exist but I’ve something in mind on how to make use of that limited space
  • Minor changes to the contents and navigation system. The About section is almost complete
  • A brand new contact page. Those who wish to correspond with me can now use this form, specify a subject and even carbon-copy yourself a copy of the message.

What’s in mind (sorted according to priorities)

  1. Complete the author section Completed as of June 05, 2006
  2. Implement the new search system. The old one works fine but it needs to be refined
  3. Implement the books section which will contain books I’ve read, currently reading, reviews and recommended books
  4. A photo gallery, memories and moments

Looks like there’s still a lot more work to be done! I’m still trying to catch up with the outstanding entries that were drafted but yet to be published. Hope all can be sorted out within the next week!


The F16B birthday present

To my year 1 (2003) polytechnic classmates out there — remember the birthday present you guys gave me? Well, it’s finally out of the box and assembled into a complete piece after keeping sealed in its original package for 3 years in my display cupboard.

My cousin decided to help me assemble the few hundred bits and pieces of the package into a complete set. It took about 3 weeks and I must thank him for the effort! I guess he is into building plastic models nowadays.

Here are some snapshots:

F16 side view

Unfortunately, I’m unable to find the Singapore decals. Hence, this explains the missing tail numbers and logo. Rightfully, it is suppose to be a USAF model.


Read for life

Finally found the urge to start reading again. The last time I seriously picked up a book to read was in the beginning of this year when I was motivated to read this book titled “The Da Vinci Code” as I’m curious to see how much the movie that is expected to be launch in May, would differ from the novel.

Reading can be fun and it helps one to imagine better. I used to dislike reading but I was sort of influenced by my cousin during primary school. He’s the sort who loves to read and you never fail to see him with a book wherever he goes. My reading collection includes the famous Enid Byton, The Hardy Boys when I was young till the now John Grisham, Dan Brown and many other collections. I realized that I tend to read more thriller / science fiction novels but that has since revolved into a wide variety of reads.

I remembered reading an article from the newspaper which mentioned that every year, a few thousand books are being published. Yet, there are 52 weeks in a year. Assuming we are only able to complete reading a book once a week, that’ll be about 52 books out of the thousands out there. That’s only less than 0.52% (assuming 1000 books are published a year).

On the side note, I’ve always wanted to start a book section on this site. Works are in progress while I figure out the best approach to design and present on this site books that I’ve read, waiting to be read and other recommendations.

Just as the government actively promotes a healthy lifestyle with the slogan “Keep fit for life”, I would love to add the following: “Read for life, knowledge and fun!”.



This is a self-programmed entry that has been programmed to be published on 04-05-2006 (or May 04, 2006). The last time such sequential date exist was in February 01, 2003 (01-02-03). The next time this entry will be programmed to appear on 07-08-09 (August 07, 2009).

So, what are you doing at this particular moment? For me, obviously I’ve long drifted deep into the wonderland!