Avoid spilling oil or you'll be asking for trouble

A stupid lizard catching session caused me to accidentally spilled oil onto the floor. What makes things worst is that the lizard was not caught after all! It was not my idea. Apparently, someone in my household cannot stand the sight of lizards and the mind would not set at ease should we fail to catch the lizard.

Yes, I agree that lizards are irritating and I’ve had bad experiences with it. When I was young, a lizard fell onto my arm while I was sleeping on a bed placed next to a wall. Of course, I screamed and jumped out of my bed as the lizard’s body is cold and there’s this eerie feeling that follows. Now that I’ve grown up, I still hate the sight of lizards because it means I have to assist in lizard hunting sessions but it doesn’t really bother me anymore. If you were to think of it the other way round, it’s embarrassing that human being like us are afraid of something that is so small? It should be the other way round isn’t it! That’s why you see lizards dodging when the spot the sight of big objects approaching them.

And so, I had a hard time trying to clean the pool of spilled oil. The more you try to clean it, the worst it is. I had to resort to powerful cleaning agents to clear the mess and there’s still this slippery effect on the affected portion of the floor after the clean up. Not only do I have to clean the pool of oil, I had to de-oil the rags and the pail, which was used to fill the water and detergent! What a day indeed!