Minor site updates

Since the redesign of PureHype almost a month ago, I’ve made quite some changes which include tweaking and optimizing certain files as well as to keep this site trimmed and meets the W3C web standards. If you have been visiting the site, you would have noticed that the about section has been completed though I’m still in the process of adding bits and pieces to the author biography portion.

What’s more! I’ve also added a site disclaimer for various reasons but I thought it was necessary just in case… The contact form was previously broken and I was receiving tons of spam but it has now been fixed. However, the cc feature is no longer working due to changes on my service provider end.

I’ve been busy working on the books section. Hopefully, I will be able to get it up real soon. The long awaited search feature is still out of service for now as I’ve yet to figure out the best design and how to implement it on this site. Other than that, things should be running fine without much interruption!