Why I blog

I was inspired to create a web site and started blogging a few years ago after reading from the newspaper about web logs (aka blogging). You can find some background of this site here and more about me.

So, why did I decide to spend a good portion of my time designing this site and penning down my thoughts? To start off, I was into web standards and codes because I wanted to create something close to my heart and personal. On the geek side, it was to gauge my professionalism and obtain a sense of personal satisfaction on completion of the “project”.

This web log is a good avenue for me to view my opinions and thoughts. However, don’t get the wrong idea that it is where I vent my frustration or unhappiness because I think it’s inappropriate to do so. Besides this, it also enables me to practice proper writing techniques, speak up but not defame and/or pinpoint anyone directly as well as to improve my English language.

To sum it up, this web log is part of my life. It can be amazing to see how much have changed when you read the archives a few years down the road.