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World's most realistic vector art

Alt Tab Life

Things are getting a little quiet here as I’m busy with work, exams, projects and other things in life these few weeks. Last weekend, I burned my Saturday in camp performing regimental duties as well as studying for exams and only managed to book out on Sunday morning to spend a few hours at home before having to return to the camp in the evening.

This week is no difference as compared to last week except that I do have the luxury to spend more time at home but my personal time is still being occupied by projects. I hope this ordeal ends soon as I wish to have more free time to relax and doing non-work related stuff.

I’ll try to post the backlog entries (once again) when I have the time. Meanwhile, it’s back to work, work and more work!


How to write an effective résumé

Goodbye "Topgun" — F14's final mission

What happens when you use photoshop to manipulate currency

Video: F15 landing with one wing

Video: F15 landing with one wing, after the wing was damaged in mid-air collision.

5 minutes photo adjustments using photoshop

Mapping the future of world population

How Sudoku works

Sudoku is a game/puzzle that is getting popular recently. If you are interested, here’s an article all about Sudoku and find out how to play the game.

A list of CSS examples

A good list of enriching css resource for those who want to learn CSS or even implement the concept on their personal site.

How a skyscraper window washer faces death

How a skyscraper window washer faces death. For the majority, your legs would have turned into jelly.

The 100 science fiction books you just have to read

360 degrees moon view

Ever wondered how does the moon looks like in 360 degrees? Check out this 360 degrees moon view.

Video: Japan's "Linear motor car" that reaches 500km/h

Video: Japan’s “Linear motor car” that reaches 500km/h. Just short of 90km/h of a Boeing 747 groundspeed when cruising at 38, 000ft.

MovableType 3.3

Few days ago, Six Apart released Movable Type 3.3, a web log content management system that I use. Normally, I would install a copy immediately without hesitation but this time, I’ve decided to stay put and not rush into making any drastic change to my current configuration without first finding out which codes and/or plug-in will break.

Earlier today, I decided to download a copy and try it out on my local development machine based on my existing configurations. So far, things are working well except for a few errors which I encounter while trying to rebuild the entire site. Though I’ve yet to explore all the new features in this version, one of the most welcoming sights is the ability to increase the size of the text field while creating/editing entries as well as the larger fonts for easier view. However, it is disappointing to see that Six Apart has yet to implement WYSIWYG on the entry editor itself.

Some of the new features includes tagging, widgets, activity feeds and many others. Till this date, I have no idea what widgets is all about. I guess it’s time to update myself on this particular item.

If only I have more time to familiarize myself on the new features and how I can implement it into this existing web log…


Bird's eye view of famous houses

Here’s a bird’s eye view of famous houses, which includes the Six Feet Under and Charmed house.

If you were a Brazil soccer player, what would be your name?

Ever wonder what’s your Brazilian name if you were a Brazil soccer player? Try this Brazilian name generator to find out yours. Mine’s Alvando — interesting.

Video: This woman can change clothes faster than you've thought

Hidden passage way

Sydney by night

A highly detailed view of Sydney’s scenery by night. Beautiful.


Interactive magic eye creator

A flash tool that lets you create your own magic eye image.

List of the most controversial books ever written

Migrating live UNIX systems

An article that demostrates how is it possible to move the filesystem of a live unix system.

An encyclopedia on strange and unusual vehicles