MovableType 3.3

Few days ago, Six Apart released Movable Type 3.3, a web log content management system that I use. Normally, I would install a copy immediately without hesitation but this time, I’ve decided to stay put and not rush into making any drastic change to my current configuration without first finding out which codes and/or plug-in will break.

Earlier today, I decided to download a copy and try it out on my local development machine based on my existing configurations. So far, things are working well except for a few errors which I encounter while trying to rebuild the entire site. Though I’ve yet to explore all the new features in this version, one of the most welcoming sights is the ability to increase the size of the text field while creating/editing entries as well as the larger fonts for easier view. However, it is disappointing to see that Six Apart has yet to implement WYSIWYG on the entry editor itself.

Some of the new features includes tagging, widgets, activity feeds and many others. Till this date, I have no idea what widgets is all about. I guess it’s time to update myself on this particular item.

If only I have more time to familiarize myself on the new features and how I can implement it into this existing web log…