Time travel

Last week, I wrote about feeling anxious, excited and yet looking forward to attend my AFST back in OCS after a long wait. Little did I realize that one week came and went at the blink of an eye and not only have I made new friends, I’ve was also elected to hold wing appointment for a week. Being a senior cadet (I crossed over to Air Force after completing my infantry service term), I was prepared to hold wing appointment having heard from my friends that Air Wing practices a cadet management system. Naturally, I was appointed as a Cadet Squadron Commander for a week — the role is similar to that of a sergeant major [1].

Typically, holding an appointment means more workload and responsibilities. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to be given an opportunity to prove my abilities and apply leadership qualities which I’ve learnt. Though there are times I’m in a dilemma or being thrown a difficult situation to resolve, I have learnt how to strive a balance between friendship and duties. All of these are part and parcel of the core value lessons that were taught to us.

Life in OCS Air Wing is different. The atmosphere, environment and approach of working and resolving issues are different as compared to the others. Lectures makes up about 80% of the training program while the other 20% consists of physical, team bonding and sports and games activities. I would say that there is a difference in culture among the tri-services in the armed forces though we share the common goal — that is to defend our country.

In 6 weeks time, I’ll be leaving to Brunei (yet again) for JST. By then, it would have mark the end of my entire course and I would have completed the identity transformation.

[1] Sergeant Major — Refers to a non-commissioned officer (NCO) who ensures discipline among soldiers and conducting parades.