Youth day

It looks like I’ve past the youth day celebration era or am I really that old? If you were to consider my age, yes, I’m no longer a youth. I suppose I’ve completed my transformation from a teenager to young adult and finally into full adulthood though I believe many would say I don’t look and behave like one yet!

I remembered teachers continued to shower us with privileges and gifts during children’s day while I was in secondary school though logically, children’s day is a thing of the past. Many of us used to grumble that it is unfair for primary school students to take a break with the secondary and junior college folks during youth day as they are still kids! Furthermore, the older folks do not even get a day off during children’s day! Thinking back, I’m amused by the immaturity and naïve thought. I can’t exactly recall if Youth day is applicable to polytechnic students as I was too preoccupied with projects and competitions. Nevertheless, students in the polytechnic are not really bothered with such events as the education system and environment is somewhat close to that of universities.

Now that I’ve past this stage, I would like to advice the youths out there to appreciate and make full use of your energy and passion to pursue whatever you want to do while you’re still young. Of course, study comes first! Don’t start to regret once you realized that you should have done things you wanted to do at that particular age.

Anyway, let me take this opportunity to wish all my younger cousins who are still schooling, friends and youths out there — A very Happy Youth Day!