Another chapter closed

Today marks the end of my seven weeks of Air Force Service Term (AFST) training in the Officer Cadet School (OCS). I must say time passes very fast and seven weeks just seems to vanish at the snap of a finger. This training is one of most enjoyable and memorable one as compared to my pre-infantry training back in OCS last December. Not only have I made a bunch of new friends from other vocations, I’ve also learnt many values, leadership qualities and how to handle various situations as well as to lead a team of people and get things done.

I mentioned in one of my posts that this service term training would be a good break from my previous routines and I aim to give my best. In every course, there would be ups and downs but I’ve not really seen any major issues in this course except for the occasional miscommunications and debates. I guess the Air Force culture is different and the people have a set of positive mindsets and thinking. The way things are done are more professional and efficient and this could be one of the factors why my stay in OCS Air Wing is enjoyable. The trainees are given more freedom and say in terms of the way things are being run and executed and this has greatly helped in many areas.

I’m not sure if the rest have this feeling in their hearts but honestly speaking, I’ve never felt “sour” when it was time to hand over the bunks and leave the place. Air Wing has more or less became my second home over these few weeks. Nonetheless, I guess it’s time to move on to the next chapter of my training back in Air Force School. Before I end, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the instructors and fellow course mates whom have made my stay in OCS Air Wing an enriching, memorable and enjoyable one.