Back home

The past ten days or so seems like a dream but in reality, it is one of the most physically and mentally challenge I’ve experienced thus far. I wasn’t really looking forward for this trip as mentioned in my pre-departure post but I thought it would be a good experience and I might as well learn something out of it. Furthermore, I was mentally prepared for the environment and living conditions that I’ll be expecting based on past experiences. However, this time round, things were not as bad as I thought. Instead, we had a warm welcome from the host and it was a smooth transition except for the delay in our luggage.

Most of the exercise went smoothly and I’m glad I was excused from having to skin a quail. It’s part of the requirement but the team of instructors were compassionate for that I’m a vegetarian and my religion does not permit me in doing so. Anyway, I managed to survive 4 days 3 nights out in the field with no fresh water and food. Even then, though my stomach groans now and then, food didn’t seem to cross my mind. The only thing that demoralized me was the constant rain in the area where we were inserted for survival training.

I realized that I was very lucky as I just managed to scrape through and pass the requirements. I don’t really wish to elaborate on what happened but all I have to say is that I’ve learnt many valuable lessons and seen what true friends are from this exercise. Nevertheless, I’m determined not to let past mistakes happen again.

To sum it up, I’m glad everything is finally over and I’m home safely! Right now, there are many things on mind which I hope I’ll be able to get it done as soon as possible and take a break from everything else.