Rock climbing

Today was the first time I ever attempted to rock climb in my life! All these while, I thought rock climbing was an easy task until I actually starting climbing up the artificial rocks. Though I did not managed to completely climb up to the top, I guess it was enjoyable and a great experience. Not only have I learned more about rock climbing (the equipment, safety requirements etc.), I’ve also understand the importance of teamwork, especially your buddy at the bottom holding on to the rope that’s attached to my safety harness.

Every step that I take is physically challenging. I realized that it takes a lot of determination, analytical thinking, proper coordination between the legs and hands as well as muscles to reach the top. There were moments where I was really exhausted and my forearms muscles were screaming in pain. By right, I should be using more of my legs to assist me in climbing instead of using arm power. I guess with more practice, I will be able to complete the entire climb without much effort.

Coming Thursday would be the last exam for this service term and Friday would be the IPPT test. I hope I’ll be able to do well in both and at least improve on my results as compared to the previous ones.