Just some thoughts and updates

It has been almost a week since I last blog. It could be plain laziness or simply because I’m too occupied with other issues on hand, which I have no idea what exactly it is. Somehow, ideas and thoughts have been popping up in my head and I have been trying to write it without success.

Recently, there have been many changes in terms of regimentation and environment at my workplace. In the past, regimentation was not really enforced strictly and the way of life is very much relaxing and easy going. However, we have been told that things are tightening up due to that fact that someone apparently “burnt the bridge” and pissed off some senior folks. This in return sparked a chain of events that led to everyone’s dissatisfaction and frustration. So, what exactly has been enforced at this point of them? In short, here’s a list of some of the changes:

  • Marching from point to point, includes booking in or out of camp
  • Half-marching when moving within buildings
  • Wearing of head-dress within buildings, etc.

If you have not realized, these rules actually mimic the standards of OCS. As a cadet, I’m so used to such regimentation that it does not really affect me when the rules were being enforced. Of course, this does not necessarily means I like this kind of regimentation having seen a place that was once so carefree turning into an OCS like. Still, there’s still more freedom as compared to OCS. I felt that perhaps it was time for such regimentation to be enforced and serve as a form of wake-up call for those who thought that military life is easy-going and slack. However, there must be a balance between the need to strictly enforce the rules and go by the book as well as knowing when to have fun and relax. If you try to rule like an iron fist, not only will your ideas backfire but people will also rebel — part of human nature.

Likewise, as the course sergeant major, discipline comes under my watch — not that I’m perfect but it’s my duty and I try to perform it well. In one of my previous entry, I mentioned about the dilemma and difficulties faced as a course in-charge back then. Somehow, this seems to have returned now that I’ve being appointed with a new role to play and at the same time, the need to maintain interpersonal relations among colleagues and yet being professional while serving my duties. At times, human just can’t seems to understand the rational of things being done and make things even more complicated than ever before!

Enough of regimentation said. On the brighter note, I finally secured my first IPPT silver award today. Surprised you might be but I’ve got to admit that this is my ever first silver award attained in my life. I’m proud of this little achievement as there is some form of significance in it. For one, this will be the last IPPT I’ll be taking at least for the next few months due to the fact that I’ll be going for my eye surgery (vision correction) next week, and will be barred from participating any form of physical activities for at least 3 months. Yes, it is going to be miserable as I can’t swim and I feel crippled without exercising.

I hope the surgery will be a smooth process and hopefully, things will change for the better when I return to work in the next few weeks.