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Extreme video of wheel chair tricks

Neat fonts

10 things you should know about Internet Explorer 7 security

10 things you ought to know about Internet Explorer 7 security. I’ve not installed it on my PC yet as I don’t want to waste time fixing applications that will break. For now, Firefox will be my preferred choice browser.

Public transport service

Recently, I came across this discussion about our Singapore public transport service both on television and from reading the papers. Apparently, the government has came up with a 10 year outlook for our public transport service and this includes various means of upgrading that includes adding more railway lines, providing better service — all comes with a possibility of increased fares.

If you were to observe closely, one would realise that our public transport fares are affordable and convenient to a certain extend but the rates are climbing slowly by a few cents during each increment. Many would agree that due to many factors such as upgrading of buses, higher oil prices etc warrants the increase of fares in order to stay profitable. However, we all know for the fact that the annual turnover for these operators turns out to be millions of dollars. This makes me and many others wonder if the fare increase is justified.

Next, it is noted that the rider-ship on public transport have continually declined over the years and more people own their own vehicles. As much as the government tries to implement measures such as the infamous Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), Certificate of Entitlement (COE) etc to discourage people from driving, many are still able to own one and lead a comfortable life. This makes me wonder if all these measures indeed serve its purpose.

In my personal opinion, if the government seriously wants its citizen to switch to public transport, perhaps it should first review its own policies. We cannot compare our fare structure (most affordable) with others parts of the world as cars are so much affordable as compared to ours. This in turn caused their public transport prices to soar as there’s generally lesser rider-ship and this would in turn affect the operator’s turnover. Apart from this, there is a need to improve the services provided or even realign the operator’s mission and values to a less profit orientated organisation. After all, they are providing a service that can be considered essential in one’s daily life.


830 is the highest scrabble score ever

How a Massachusetts carpenter got the highest Scrabble score ever. (via kottke)

How to tell time by looking at the stars in the sky

Don’t have a watch? No worries. Here’s how to tell time by looking at the stars in the sky. Not really very useful IMO.

Cool video of 10,000 coins toppling

Test results for human relations

While checking my emails, I was invited to take a test on human relations and decided to check it out to see for myself how true it is. Here are my results:

Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who’s extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over if that trust is ever broken.

Result accuracy: 90%


10 pros and cons of switching from Windows to OS X

A list of CSS hacks for your convenience

Your questions on LASIK eye surgery

Common questions on the LASIK surgery. Here’s a video of the LASIK surgery process. It looks extremely gross!

An album of funny warning signs

Here’s an album of funny warning signs. I find the self-improving software warning sign particularly interesting.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 7

Email etiquette

Why is it that some people always seem to respond quickly to your email messages, while others wait a week or more to answer? Read all about it in this Email etiquette article.

Time's up, now get back to work

Having spent 2 weeks at home from my PRK surgery medical leave, honestly, I dread of going back to work tomorrow. Although these 2 weeks have been a stay home to rest boring period, I appreciate the break and personal time I’ve gotten. I wonder how much have I missed out from work during these 2 weeks since my fellow course mates must have studied quite a bit from the thick stack of notes for ground school — not that I’ve missed out a lot since ground school have not officially started.

Gone are the days where I’ve been sleeping past 7am on weekdays for the last 2 weeks, taking afternoon naps and not having to think of what to expect for the day while on the way to work. It was definitely great though I feel that I’m getting lazy and unfit — things not within my control since I can’t take part in any strenuous physical activities and that the weather is not favorable anyway. I hope tomorrow will be a great day as my colleagues have been telling me there are many changes (again) to the work environment and have advised me to sit tight for the changes.


An imagination video of how YouTube homepage will look like in the future

What's so special about the number 1729

Creative ads around the world

Creative ads around the world. This is so cool. I particularly like the one where the bus straps have been fashioned from images of IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch.

Here's a list of amazing YouTube tools collection that will come in handy

A collection of several YouTube third party tools which enhance your YouTube experience.

Earth has a second moon that loops around our planet once a year

Earth has a second moon that loops around our planet once a year. Code name 2003 YN107. Measuring only 20 meters across, the asteroid is too small to see with the unaided eye but it is there.

Why are mac becoming more popular

Why are mac becoming more popular in recent years. Factors ranging from an ever-growing frustration with Windows to that of a mac is elegant, it’s hip, or it’s just cool to own a Mac.

How a plane's paint job is done

The keep in contact dilemma

Very often, we would find ourselves exchanging contacts with one another and asking one to keep in contact. We are so used to keying in names, phone numbers, email address or even address into our cell phone and PDA without a second thought. Unknowingly, we would soon find ourselves buried with a long list of contacts and unsure of how to go about dealing with it.

When I say to deal with it, it means deciding how to go about keeping in contact with friends from primary school to polytechnic, colleague and many others. Are you guilty of looking through your list of contacts thoroughly only when the need arises — such as marketing etc, or do you really call for social purposes? As I was looking through my contact list few days ago, I realized that over these few years, I’ve somewhat established a wide network of friends and associates.

I realized that not only have I encountered difficulties in trying to maintain the list, it is also not easy to track which number is still valid as some may have missed out a few contacts to inform when there is a change in their cell phone number and the list goes on. This means that one would not know about the change until you make the call one fine day. So, how should we actually go about keeping in contact with one another? Is it really necessary to call each other up every few months or even years just to say hello? I believe there are many ways of going about maintaining contact and it all depends on individual preferences.

It would be interesting to hear your say. Feel free to leave your comments and even share your experiences on this subject.

# 2

History of 404 page and some cool stuff

20 things the average person doesn't known about XP

20 things the average person doesn’t know about Windows XP. Ok, I’ve got to admit that I know only 5 of the stuff mentioned in the list.