Spectacles no more

Tomorrow will be the last time I’ll be wearing my prescribed glasses after having worn it for the past seven years. Within these seven years, I’ve purchased 4 glasses in total and of which, only one is metallic frame. I remembered when I was young, I’ve always wanted to wear a spectacle as I thought it will look on me. Reflecting upon, I realized how foolish that was and regretted having to wear spectacles. Not only is it inconvenient but also a hassle as one have to take good care of it to prevent it from accidental damaged.

So, you must be wondering if I’m switching to contact lenses. Sad to say, the answer is no. Although putting on contact lenses will look nicer in terms of appearance, I can never imagine myself placing a thin membrane into my eye. Furthermore, my job does not permit me to wear contact lenses at all. Thus, this leaves me with no other alternative other than undergoing a vision correction surgery using laser technology, or commonly known as photo-refractive keratectomy (PRK).

I must say I was really lucky in being able to qualify for the surgery. My job requires a pair of perfect eyesight and thus, I was being placed into this vision correction program. This also means that I’ll finally be able to do away with spectacles! I must say not many qualify for this surgery as there are stringent requirements and procedures. I’m thankful I’ve been given this once in a lifetime opportunity to correct my vision — back to my pre-spectacle days.

I hope the surgery tomorrow would be a success and with no complications. In every surgery, there’s bound to be some risks involved but the doctor says that it’s 99% safe although there’ll be some temporary side-effects such as poor night vision etc. This also means that I’ll be down with 2 weeks of medical leave and a pair of painful eyes with no computers, television and even reading of books!