Experiencing gravity effects

Gravity [grav-i-tee] An attractive force which all matter possesses. Every bit of matter attracts every other bit of matter. The strength of that attraction depends on two things — the mass of any two objects, and the distance between those objects.

Gravity effects (or Gs in short) are mostly experienced by aerobatics and military (fighter) pilots. It is the kind of feeling not many would like and am able to take it. For those who take commercial flights, one would experience mild G effects during turbulence.

There are a few alternatives to experience G effects apart from taking an air plane. One method is to pay S$30 for a five minutes reverse bungee jump. The other cheaper and easier way is to take a TIBS bendy bus which I found out recently. By sitting at the rear of the vehicle and when the bus is travelling at a relatively fast speed on an uneven road, the bus tend to bounce and this in return will cause the passengers, especially those sitting at the rear to lift off their seats literally. Try this the next time you take a bendy bus!