Firefox 2 reviewed

I’ve finally found time and am convinced to upgrade my firefox browser from version 1.5 to 2. Actually, I couldn’t resist the temptation to give it a try even before it was officially released and I ended up installing the RC3 build, with the 1.5 version running in parallel. In short, here’s the list of top most wanted features that made me want to make the switch:

  • Built-in spell check function
  • Stability and memory management
  • The improved tab browsing experience
  • Better management of RSS feeds

Since version 1.5, I’ve been using the Tab Plus Mix add-on to enhance my browsing experience. Initially, I thought I could do away with it now that version 2 has improved tab browsing features but I soon realized that the former were still better in terms of features and control. One thing to note is that I’ve to part with Google Toolbar for FireFox as it constantly caused my firefox browser to crash for no apparent reasons. I’m still patiently waiting for Google to release an update. Apart from this, the browser runs well with a couple of add-ons which I think are great to have. I’m trying to keep this list to the minimum but here are some of which I’ve installed:

  • Cooliris
  • UK & US Dictionary
  • FlashGot
  • Tab Mix Plus

Overall, I would rate it as a must upgrade software item and I would strongly recommend this browser to my colleague and friends. It’s so much better off than Internet Explorer but I would suggest that one keep the IE browser in order to view sites that doesn’t support FireFox.