Life without glasses

Is simply fantastic! It has been a month since I went for my PRK surgery and the experience is unique and satisfying. During this one month, I realised many benefits of not wearing spectacles and this includes:

  • No worries about glasses fogging up when leaving an air conditioned room/bus to a warmer environment.
  • No more cleaning of glasses and worrying about scratches, fingerprints.
  • Losing of spectacles, damaged etc. and many more.

However, I must admit that I felt a little uncomfortable initially without spectacles as my eyes are small and most of my friends noticed that. Furthermore, I have the habit of feeling for my glasses to make sure they are still properly fitted as well as adjusting it. This caused me to feel for my spectacles every now and then before I realized that I’m no longer wearing one. The only short-term hassle I face for now is the need to apply eye drops every few hours to aid the recovery and avoiding glares.

Nonetheless, no words can describe how amazing this surgery has done to my life. I cannot be more thankful to the doctors whom have made this possible, in particular to Dr. Lim from my air grading course as well as god for his guidance and arrangements.

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Nov 10th, 2006

Hey bro, i’m happy for you =)

Can’t wait to go for lasik myself!

Nov 16th, 2006

Hey, thanks Shaun! It’s great to hear from you. Yeah, save up enough money and go for the LASIK surgery! Trust me, it’s worth the money and you’ll certainly find many advantages of doing away with glasses.

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