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Year of blessings

This year seems to have come and past in a flash. I recalled that it didn’t seem too long ago when I choose to leave my engineers’ officer cadet training to join the air force as a pilot trainee, departed to Tamworth, Australia and successfully completed my air grading course before returning to OCS for my Air Force Service Term. Then, I dread of touring the Brunei jungle once again but eventually survived.

Before I knew, I managed to obtain my first and only silver for my physical fitness test (IPPT) before going for my eye surgery. It was then that I realized the convenience and wonders of life without spectacles. After due considerations and with a little effort, I’ve managed to take the first step towards obtaining a driving license. Then came the wisdom tooth surgery I had to go for due to work requirements. Fortunately, it quickly went by but I must say it was one kind of an experience.

Looking back at the resolutions which I’ve set in the beginning of this year, I glad to say that most of it has been accomplished with the exception of one, which is getting certified as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Indeed, there were many tough challenges along the route but it has also been a great year for all the luck, blessings and wonderful “gifts” that I’ve received from my family, friends and most importantly, god.

A year of ever revolving life changing experience indeed!


Post-It note Jaguar

How does Tetris affects your brain

Tetris trains your brain to stop using inefficient grey matter, perhaps a key cognitive strategy for learning.

Mom, there's a new bus service

Recently, the service operator that provides bus service in my neighborhood launched a new service. I came to know about it when I saw a poster being advertised at the bus stop promoting the new service. As it provided little details on the actual route it would serve, I decided to check out details of the bus service using the bus service guide to help determine if it’ll be convenient for me to travel home from my workplace.

On the day the service launched, I boarded the bus from my usual bus stop. To my surprise, it seemed that many others were “trying out” the route as the bus was relatively packed. Less than 5 minutes into the journey, I began cursing under my breath for being too smart on deciding to try out the new bus service. Throughout the journey, I managed to observe a few interesting but annoying scene though.

First, the new bus service came with a newly qualified bus driver. How am I able to come to this conclusion? It’s simple — because he was driving at a speed of between 30 to 40 km/h and he never fails to stop at every bus stop, regardless if anyone is boarding or alighting. Then, he had to refer to his notes when passengers asked about the bus fares. To make things worst, the driving skills is simply bad because he has bad judgement and decides to filter into the appropriate lane too early, thus further delaying travelling time. I’m not trying to insult or look down on new bus drivers but I think its unacceptable service.

At one point, I even heard a young girl yelling to her mum about the new bus service at one of the bus stops. It was then that I noticed most people did not even know or bother to read the poster promoting the new bus service. Whenever the bus pulls into a bus stop, most would glance at it curiously before rushing to read the poster. What’s worst is that the bus is bound to stop at stops for a long time as the driver tries his best to entertain those who ask for route directions. All of these add up precious time and cause great frustration!

From this incident, I can conclude that it is not wise to try out a new bus service for at least a few weeks after it has launched. Although it will help to save cost and cut down travelling time, it may seem otherwise initially. This incident has also made me wondered why many simply can’t be bothered to find out more about the service if they intent to board in the first place. Would this be the kind of attitude and mentality our society will adopt? I’ll leave it for you to think about.


Beautiful floorplan illustrations

Internet is taking a break

As reported in the news, the earthquake in Taiwan has damaged a few undersea cables that connect us to the rest of the world. According to IDA, it is expected that the internet connection speed will be slow for the next few days.

Upon hearing this, I wondered how slow things could get and decided to check it out. True enough, surfing speed has come to a crawl and it took me a few attempt to login and post this entry. In fact, it’s slower than the 56K dial-up service I used in the past.

Depending on how soon connections will be restored, I’ll try to keep things organized and updated. Meanwhile, if you’re not receiving any email response from me, it’s simply because the internet has decided to take a break and there’s nothing really I can do to help improve the situation.


How to be the perfect human

Read the 12 secrets of Dean Karnazes and discover how to be the perfect human.

Google is the gateway for hackers to pwn your site

Jet lag may be more harmful than we think

Playing Wii on a movie theatre screen

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All I want for Christmas

Although it doesn’t and will never snow here, there’s somewhat this sense of magical feeling in the atmosphere. I’ve never celebrated Christmas but I do receive gifts from my aunt and cousins. The best Christmas present for me this year is a complete revamp of my room with new furniture, as well as a new LCD screen for my computer. It’s a 19′ wide-screen LCD monitor from Samsung that’ll enhance my movies watching experience on computers.

To complete the sentence, all I want for Christmas is not geeky gadgets or fanciful stuff. Instead, I’d wish for peace, prosperity and blessings from god.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Google easter eggs

Questions we asked or true things which do not make sense

Questions we asked or true things which do not make sense. True or myth, up to your discreet.

If you think military pilots are not earning their pay, think twice

If you think military pilots are not earning their pay, think twice. Not sure if the photo is original or photoshop’ed. Either case, it’s requires great skills to hover up there.

A list of Einstein's riddle for you to solve

A list of Einstein’s riddle for you to solve. Stuff that’ll keep you cranking for hours.

Beautiful scenery of NYC by night

Awesome photo collections of NYC by night.

Biggest ship in the world

Biggest ship in the world. “Freedom Ship” is definitely appealing. I wonder how many go-around they pilots will need to execute if this ship exists.

Ocean's 13 movie trailer is out

Exclusive Ocean’s 13 movie trailer is out. I’ve watched Ocean’s 11 and 12 and I’m looking forward to watch the third squeal due next June.

50 beautiful CSS based web designs in 2006

The five best political moments of 2006

From Dick Cheney’s pepper spray to Mark Foley’s instant messages, you name it. The five best political moments of 2006.

Time's person of the year — an initial response

Questions couples should ask (or should have asked) before getting married

Questions couples should ask (or should have asked) before getting married. When you ask too many questions, it might not work out after all.

High IQ linked to being a vegetarian

Rain rain go away

I’ve not seen sunlight for almost 3 days now as it has been raining continuously since Sunday. I’ve not stepped out of the house as well partly because I’ve nowhere to go and I dislike being caught in the rain.

Earlier this year when temperatures were soaring above the mid-thirties, people were praying for rain to fall and reduce the heat. Now that it has rained, the environment is so cool that there’s no need for the fan to be switched on. People wished that the rain would just die off quickly so that there won’t be traffic jams and one can reach home in a dry state.

I hope sun will be shining brightly tomorrow as I dislike carrying an umbrella out in the streets.