Wisdom tooth surgery

As part of my work requirement, I was required to extract all of my wisdom tooth so as to avoid any unnecessary medical complications during flying training in future. Thus, I went for a dental screening few months ago to determine how many wisdom I’ll need to extract. Luckily, the x-ray showed that I’ve got only 2 wisdom tooth at the bottom of my mouth that needs to be extracted.

So, I went for my wisdom tooth surgery at the National Dental Centre yesterday. As I chose to do my surgery under general anesthesia (GA), I had to be admitted and change before the surgery. Initially, I thought it would not take more than a few hours. Turned out that I was wrong and due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent nearly 5 hours on the bed waiting for my turn. It wasn’t the hunger that’s killing me but rather, the boredom. All I could do was to patiently wait for my turn to come.

Finally, at around 1430 hours, the nurse prepared me for the surgery. She sprayed some chemical through my nose and it tasted bitter as the solution flowed down into the throat. I walked into the operating theatre on my own and lay on the bed while the anesthetist prepared to drug me while calming me down at the same time. Within seconds from inhaling the gas mask, I was into dreamland. The next thing I knew, one hour had passed and the operation had completed. I’m now lying on another bed with an oxygen mask attached to me. I started to feel numb around my lips, tongue and the chin area and it was an unwanted feeling.

It was close to 1600 hours and I was informed that I may leave if I wish. After collecting the medication and paying the bills, my uncle drove me home. I felt drowsy initially but that feeling was soon overcome by the swelling of my mouth. Dinner was porridge but it was unpleasant as every mouth of food caused pain and I could taste blood from the wound.

It’ll be a few days before I can enjoy solid food. Meanwhile, I’m on 8 days medical leave from this surgery. Although it was one kind of an experience (especially the anesthesia), I hope this will be the first and last time I’ll have to undergo through this. I would say it’s a little scarier than my PRK surgery and the pain is definitely unbearable!