Year of blessings

This year seems to have come and past in a flash. I recalled that it didn’t seem too long ago when I choose to leave my engineers’ officer cadet training to join the air force as a pilot trainee, departed to Tamworth, Australia and successfully completed my air grading course before returning to OCS for my Air Force Service Term. Then, I dread of touring the Brunei jungle once again but eventually survived.

Before I knew, I managed to obtain my first and only silver for my physical fitness test (IPPT) before going for my eye surgery. It was then that I realized the convenience and wonders of life without spectacles. After due considerations and with a little effort, I’ve managed to take the first step towards obtaining a driving license. Then came the wisdom tooth surgery I had to go for due to work requirements. Fortunately, it quickly went by but I must say it was one kind of an experience.

Looking back at the resolutions which I’ve set in the beginning of this year, I glad to say that most of it has been accomplished with the exception of one, which is getting certified as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Indeed, there were many tough challenges along the route but it has also been a great year for all the luck, blessings and wonderful “gifts” that I’ve received from my family, friends and most importantly, god.

A year of ever revolving life changing experience indeed!