Entries for January 2007

Vegetable love

Vegetable love, a book on the history of vegetarianism.

The invisible bookshelf

Life of an RSS junkie

Self-parking car

Two leading structural engineers pick their favorite feats of man-made wonder

Why my next laptop will be a mac

Neat smart or stoopid test of intelligence

The top 100 fonts as determined by a panel of designers and type experts

Know your colours with Etsy

Real or fake

Real or fake. Pictures of frozen tidal waves.

Here are some creative uses for the Mac mini

Some creative uses for the Mac mini. Hook it up onto your vehicle dashboard as a touch screen media player or onto the plasma screen to screen movies!

VR Tour of Tokyo

Photos of the new Boeing 747-8

Reasons for not wearing a suit

The evolution of a web developer/designer

CSS tips from a professional CSS front-end architect

Create a software box

The origin of zero

How did we indicate nothingness before zero? The origin of zero.

How to stay focus on your work

How to stay focus on your work. Disconnect from the internet and you’ll be ten times more productive. I totally agree with Glenn.

2007 HDD Rundown

A detailed rundown of the harddisk out there. Make sure to read before you decide to buy!

State of art wired homes

Can you see clearly

I went for my 3 months post eye surgery review today and am pleased to hear from my ophthalmologist that my vision has stabilized. Currently, it stands at 6/4.5 which is better than the perfect vision that measures at 6/6. People usually termed it as “Eagle Eye” because of the sharpness and the details I can capture.

Anyway, this also concludes the no exercising excuse I’ve been tagged by the aeromedical doctors since surgery. I’ve not workout for almost 4 months and lately, I’ve been feeling lethargic and unmotivated.

Can’t wait to jump into the pool or go for a run to cut the excess fats gained!


Google analytics hack

Google Analytics hack on how to obtain the full referring url.

Video of World Freehand Circle Drawing Competition

Video of World Freehand Circle Drawing Competition. I can’t think of any special talent I possess. Kottke can spit watermelon seeds a great distance. What about you? (via kottke).

How are LEGO made