2 years and beyond

Two years ago this day, my interest for blogging sparked off and after the many research and read up on blogs, PureHype came into existence on the World Wide Web. Although the domain was registered way back in 2004, I did not really meddle with it until I figured out what can be done with it.

I must say that throughout these 2 years, this blog is still relatively new and quiet. Till date, I’ve only posted a mere 138 entries with 9 comments. One reason could be the inconsistent updates as well as the dull contents. Still, there have been positive comments from strangers who happened to come across this blog. In particular, my air grading experience has helped generated a number of email messages.

My colleague once asked what’s the point of blogging and sharing your private life with the world? I thought about it and have managed to come to a conclusion. Firstly, this is my life project that keeps me occupied when I have time to spare. I enjoy tweaking and messing with the codes behind the scene. Next, this blog provides an avenue for me to voice my opinions on issues and at the same time, improve my language of command through writing. I’ve not written anything too personal or inflammatory (hopefully I’ll never) thus far. Finally, it serves as a way to reach out to millions of people out there who might share a common interest.

I’m not sure if there is any avid reader who reads my blog but thank you for the support! I’ve had fun and I hope you have too.