On discipline

This topic has been discussed numerous times at work and each time, it is the same old reminders and enforcement. I’m kind of sick and tired of it not because I cannot uphold my discipline but more of having to put up with inconsiderate behaviour among the gang.

During one of the classroom discussions today, my superior once again reminded us to maintain discipline and stay out of trouble. I agreed with most of what has been said except for one particular point that in my opinion will send the wrong signal to the offenders. It was mentioned that most people would overlook things sometimes and it is only right for the others among the group to remind one another. I can’t helped but wonder how would one learn his lesson if the group is tasked to remind the person?

Supposedly someone constantly gets into trouble. Instead of accepting the punishment alone, the whole group will be punished simply because no one in the group bothers to help the victim avoid getting into trouble. Now, what message do you think one is trying to get across to the offender? I’ll simply put it that the offender will not be bothered since the group will get a fair share of the blame as well.

I think this is not the right approach for one to learn from the mistakes committed — not to mention that the punishment is ineffective. It is most certainly unfair for the rest to accept the punishment just because of the rash act of one, which is not within anyone’s control but more of self-discipline.