After close to 3 weeks of coding and development, I’m pleased to present to you version 3.0 of PureHype. I have been tempting to give this site a full re-brand as I kind of got tired viewing the previous version. What finally inspired me to get down to work was when I saw Dan Cederholm’s neat design and decided to use his site’s structure as a point of reference in creating this site.

So, what are the new additions and changes since the previous version? For one, just like what Jason Kottke has done, I’ve decided to be bold and try out the concept of multiple content, single place. What this basically means is that I’ve consolidated and streamlined the contents into a single page — be it a review on books, movies or even interesting links, the most up-to-date content will always be presented on the front page. However, I’ve decided to keep the webscan portion on the sidebar as I’m not too comfortable with the idea of presenting it together with the main content.

Besides this, I’ve finally launched both the read and watch section after several months of delay. Both sections will contain reviews of books I’ve read as well as movies I’ve watched, thought I’ll try to write a book review whenever possible. For those who use a newsreader to read this site, there are new RSS feeds available and the default feed now contains both the main entries as well as the webscan links. What’s more, for the joy of it, the sidebar now features a list of songs I’ve heard recently though it might need more work on it.

Finally, you may have noticed that I’ve increased the font size on the main content area. Believe if or not, I no longer want both my readers and myself to strain the eye reading those small little words even though they might look beautiful. However, the font size for the sidebar remains unchanged as I figured that those are bits and pieces of information.

As usual, I’m still in the process tweaking the site for a better user experience. Although I try to tie up all loose ends, there’s bound to have certain corners that I’ve missed and things may be broken. In any case, please drop me a line and I’ll try to get fix.

Update: Since the design refresh as of 25/09, the books and movies section has been removed. Webscan has been merged with main contents. Thanks!