What's been happening lately

So it has been awhile since I last blog. Life have been getting a little hectic these few weeks with the commencement of my ground school studies that consists of endless projects, presentations, reading, physical and psychological training and not to mention, mugging for weekly exams. I had my first paper on meteorology last week and I thought I wouldn’t pull through for part two of the paper as I could barely recalled what I’ve learnt and put it into words. The last time I took geography was in secondary 2 and I didn’t like it much back then.

Let’s see if I could recall what I’ve done for the past few weeks. 2 weeks ago, I attended a course on Aviation Psychological Training (APT). It was interesting and enjoyable, especially the practical session! I gained knowledge on how our body will be affected on extreme conditions in flight and how to manage it. I was amazed by the limitations of the human body in relation to flying. The practical session consists of oxygen system trainer, ejection seat trainer, turntable, vertifuge and centrifuge (also known as Gravity Flight Environment Trainer or G-FET in short). For the majority, you wouldn’t want to experience turntable, vertifuge and the centrifuge. These machines are what my colleague and I deem as “the torture machine” because they will make you puke if you can’t handle it.

I had my first G-FET training last week and I didn’t really like the feeling. It was an exercise to test my personal G-Endurance before weights training and there are many more sessions to go. I was afraid initially because if not properly managed, I could temporarily lose conscious or g-LOC as the aviators term it. To avoid this, I’ll have to hit the gym at least 3 times per week for weights, strength and endurance training. So much for wanting to be a pilot…the training is definitely challenging!

Military aside, I realized that I seem to have lacked confidence and there’s a mixed of emotions within me. I can’t exactly explain the feeling but it’s there. For one, I find it hard to focus and I get distracted easily. My mind is heavy and I feel that it’s preoccupied with unknown stuff and my brain seems to have reduced it capacity by half since it took me quite some effort to study for exams. It wasn’t like this back then when I was in polytechnic where I had an objective, am focused and alert. My driving skills have turned from average to bad and I can’t even manage things properly. There are many thoughts running through my mind and things waiting to be done but I’ve yet to take any action on it thus far. Perhaps, this could be due to stress, fatigue and many other factors. I certainly hope to re-align my thoughts, free up my mind and get myself back in shape quickly.